How I Transitioned from $2k Months to $20k Months

Here’s how my story starts out: when I was in college, I started a freelance business. I created a profile on a freelance website and positioned myself as a cheap college student who was great at social media. I got my first job that day and started making about $2k a month doing whatever work I could do (think: social media management, copywriting, running Facebook ads, scheduling emails into MailChimp, building WordPress websites - the list goes on).

Months later, I hired my first coach. I had worked hundreds of hours for clients, got a ton of testimonials, and even coached most of my clients for free (without realizing what coaching even was).

Now, a year and a half later, I’m easily making $20k a month in cash.

4 Essential Tips To Getting the RIGHT people on the phone

I hear it all the time. People have no problem booking discovery calls, but it’s hard to find the right people who are ready to buy, ready to invest, and ready to put in the work.

Even after 10,12,15 calls - it’s just one “no, thank you” after another. It seems impossible to get the right person on the phone!

So how do you go from signing clients here and there to actually being able to predict how many clients you’re going to sign?

The #1 Thing People are Doing Wrong with Their Facebook Groups

When I first created my Facebook group, I gave it a name that meant nothing to me, my ideal client, and didn’t stand out much. That made it really hard to grow the group because no one knew who it was for or who the heck I was. It didn’t have an identity, it didn’t resonate with people, and it didn’t mean anything personally to me. 

Having a Facebook group can feel like the right thing to do for your business, because you see what other women doing and you want to have what they have. Start off right with your Facebook Group by finding out the biggest mistake people are making with their Facebook group in this blog post!

Why I Don't Do Much 1:1 Coaching Anymore

Low cost versus high cost offers for online coaches is a heated topic. Should you be selling lots of little trainings that cost $99 each or should you be booking 1:1 clients that pay $3000?

I’ve had mentors who’ve suggested low cost offers and also mentors who’ve strongly believed against it so I get the confusion around the topic. 

Personally, I’ve helped so many different types of women with strong beliefs embark on a variety of journeys, and my overall belief is you can do whatever the hell you want in your business and make it work.

Before I give you my perspective and I what I do - I want you to know this - when you do what you want to do and what feels most exciting in the moment, your results are always better.

How to Make 20K Months

I started my coaching business 1.5 years ago, and every time I move toward a new income level I have these negative thoughts that pop up in my head. “No... that’s not meant for you. No, you’re not quite there yet.”

But the truth is, it was entirely up to me how much income I create. Now, I can have $20k months without even thinking about it. That’s an easy monthly goal for me.

2 Easy Strategies for Overcoming Objections (Even if You're Not a Sales Queen)

Sales has always been the toughest thing for me to master in my business. Not only that, I used to hate overcoming objections; I didn’t want to overcome objections, I just didn’t want to have any in the first place.

I’ve come a long way since then, and what I love now is to teach others how to overcome objections even if they aren’t a sales queen.

I’ve figured out two easy strategies to get over a few different common objections that keep people from signing up for your programs.

How to Make Money From Your Email List: Converting Opt-In’s to Clients

As I’m doing bigger and bigger launches, I’m really seeing the value in having an email list. An email list gives you access and contact to prospective clients - it gives you a chance to convert them into members of your paying community. After years of working on growing and nurturing my email list, I’ve finally broken down the method to converting people who opt-in to my list to actually becoming clients.

You need an email list, here’s why…

I’ve gotten this question from people who’ve been making sales from their Facebook group or even from brand new coaches who don’t have a list yet.  

Your email list is another form of community for your business. It’s a perfect way to form community and conversation in your business because it’s closed (people have to join to see the content) and people can reach out to you directly by simply replying to the emails. It’s like a private connection between me and the person who is reading the content.

Why Your Excuses Are BS Fears

Sometimes, it feels like our excuses and the reasons why we can’t do something are just our own reality and no one else gets it. They don’t understand what’s going on in our head, and they can’t possibly understand why we just aren’t able to do something. But the reality is: we shouldn’t be defending our excuses, we should be pissed off at our excuses!