Hi, I'm Taylor. 

And I see next level you (not who you think you need to become, but who you already are) that's creating massive income - like $50k months.


Basically... I'm unlike any other mentor you've heard of. 

When you work with me I don't give you a step by step template of strategies that I've used to grow my business (but am not even sure if they'll work for you) or tell you to just do what feels "good" (because growth is always a bit uncomfortable), instead I tell you exactly: 

  • What programs you're supposed to be launching 
  • What price points you're programs should be at 
  • What strategies you're meant to be using 
  • And most importantly... who you need to become (the way you need to act and think) to become 7-figure you


Through the ONLY way we're meant to be living and doing anything - our intuition. The fact is, there is a way you're meant to be running your business. 

Have you noticed that all the "big name" businesses look completely different? And that 9/10 the people taking their courses and programs aren't getting the same size results as them? That's because it's not the unique strategy the client is supposed to be using.


This is why even though you've taken courses and hired the coaches you haven't gotten the results you wanted - or why it took you months to get over that block or test that strategy. It's not meant to be that way. 

The fact is - I've worked with dozens of 6, multiple 6 and 7 figure business owners (both as a mentor and as the person implementing their strategies) and I was able to discover very quickly that no one strategy works the same for everyone. 

And now it's my job and mission to not let you waste another month (or day) on trying to implement something that you're not meant to be doing and will just simply waste your time.

Unlike when you finally unlock your 7-figure strategies (which I can see clearly since I have no fear or doubt around your business like you do) and results fly in faster than you could have ever imagined. I promise you - you can be at $20k, even $50k months, this month. You just need to step into the aligned way of business for you. 

Are you ready?