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You’re ready to take that fiery passion and impact the world, right?

I get it, I do. Two years ago, I wasn’t sure if I really loved marketing. I just knew I was lucky to have found any work at all (mostly freelance gigs with a few marketing agencies). I was working with agencies that would sell anything to make a few extra bucks from a client. Needless to say, it didn't feel good. I was dissatisfied – I wanted more. I wanted to do something bigger.

Then I found this online world of opportunity. Women were making serious money and serious impacts. I knew that was who I was meant to serve. 

You understand your business better than anyone; you’re the expert. But when it comes to the online part, things get frustrating. If you’re tired of scrolling through Facebook thinking, “why not me?” – I’m ready to help you make your dreams a reality.

So, turn off that episode of Marie TV and pause Amy’s podcast. It’s time to focus on tasks that will bring your business results.

Great things can happen when we mix your expertise & mine.

When you work with me, you will gain: 

• A crystal clear understanding of what you want from your business and how to make it happen

• Go-to strategies for growing and nurturing your list (and then turning emails into paying customers!)

• A community of raving fans and clients

• A brand, message and strategy that you love and feel accurately represents you and your business

• Automated systems and concise structures that allow you to take on more clients without stressing about your marketing and admin work

• A fast and constantly growing community and list

• A constant flow of promising new leads

• Incredible response to your pitches and discovery calls

• Results – success will give you the courage to continue your online business and really capitalize on your passion