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6-Figure Ambition


6-Figure Ambition


You used to think success was becoming a teacher, lawyer, doctor, corporate rock star or whatever your parents (and society) brainwashed you to be.

And then you saw her; The Girl that owned her own business. She always seemed to be traveling, supporting charities, drinking expensive champagne on first class flights and at events, wearing clothes straight out of a magazine, splurging on whatever the hell she wanted, going on adventures, learning to surf or rock climb, and changing people’s lives.

You found The Girl’s website, stalked her social media, looked at all of her programs, courses, and blog posts, read her income reports (jaw dropping) and started picturing what your life could look like… You researched how to start your own business, found a few other sites like The Girl’s, brainstormed some ideas, and realized that you can do this, too.


That’s when you trashed the typical lifestyle (with a wicked smile on your face) and took off to build your dream life and business.

And since success and hard work comes easily to you, you’ve made magic happen in your business.

In fact, finding success in your online business hasn’t been that hard…you’ve got a few clients coming in fairly consistently, your bank account isn’t empty and you even have an active Facebook group and email list.

But deep down, it doesn’t feel like enough.

Because now you--the successful, driven, overachiever--are flying by the seat of your pants. You don’t really know how you got this far--you worked hard and experienced some success but you know to really take it to the next level - you need strategy.

You need a predictable, repeatable strategy to create a smart business and the kickass life of your dreams (which involves an overflowing bank account, event calendar, and champagne flute).



Just over a year ago, I decided I was done working 12 hour days and being stuck at a measly $2,000 a month in my online business. So I hired a coach (with my very first credit card) and quickly hit $8,000 months in my online business.

It was like I had this magical success, but I couldn’t quite go any further. I was stuck. I was missing something.

I had this goal to hit a $12,000 month. But no matter how hard I pushed to hit that $12,000 month I was so set on, I just couldn't hit it. (Can you relate?) Once I started applying strategy to my business - things took off. My list hit 5,000 people, I started creating $30,000 months and had more free time than ever. 

And it felt easy. 

Now, I've flown past the six-figure-year milestone and have started helping other ambitious millennials make a huge mark in the online world by creating their own six-figure businesses.

In my first year of coaching I:

  • Created over $170,000 in revenue from my online coaching business

  • Had my first $10,000, $17,000 and $30,000 months in my business

  • Built a Facebook community and list of over 7,000 women combined

  • Traveled more than half a dozen times (yes, that’s a trip every other month!)

  • Bought my dream car and was able to gift my younger sister her first car

  • Found complete independence and never have to say no to something after scurrying to check my bank account (come on, you’ve been there…)

I’ve invested over a year and $60,000 in learning, testing, and tweaking multiple business strategies. Now, I’m going to show you exactly what’s worked so that you don’t have to waste time on what doesn’t! I’m giving you a vault of all my knowledge (worth $60,000 + 1.5 years of learning) and hands-on feedback plus a group of highly engaged badass millennial entrepreneurs just like you to give and take feedback from (community + connection).



I created Six Figure Ambition to help badass millennial entrepreneurs, like you, take their business (+ life) from accidental magic to predictable 6-figure success.

It’s time to take the guessing game out of your business!

If your goals for the next year sound something like:

  • Less work, and a lot more free time to live your life

  • Way more income through high-end coaching, passive income and small-end offers

  • Kicking ass and taking names (literally, client names in your calendar)

  • Consistently hitting and exceeding 5-figure months 

  • Connecting with other badass millennials on the same journey to massive success

  • FINALLY crossing the 6-figure mark and never looking back!

Then this program is SO for you.

I’m going to walk you through the exact steps I took to reach 6-figures (and now multiple 6-figures). I’ll be there for you every step of the way to layout the plans, answer your questions, and provide support as you create your kickass dream business and life.

This program will be fast-paced, totally epic, and very hands-on (on my part) so that you can finally create the business and life you want in a short amount of time! You won’t be lost in the crowd like the last program you tried. With me as your coach and a group of powerful, successful women by your side you’ll be more supported than ever (Hello, Ms. Unstoppable!).


This is not your average group program. By investing in Six-Figure Ambition you’ll have the ultimate triple threat: a mastermind support group, a place to bounce your ideas around, and a high-level coach in your corner. Success is imminent.

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  • Redefining You and Your Badass Brand

  • Diving Into Your Dream Life and Business 

JULY 7 - August 4

  • Creating a lead magnet and tripwire to grow your list massively and create passive income 

  • Refining your sales funnel to book discovery calls on automate around the clock

  • Using Facebook Ads to grow your list massively

  • Open Week + Implementation (Bonus Q&A Livestream On Funnels and Facebook Ads)  

  • Catch Up Week + Bonus Mindset Training and Coaching Call from Andra Popescu 

AUGUST 7 - September 1

  • My strategy I've used for massive list and community growth and always growing sales

  • Master getting the right people on the phone and hearing "YES" a lot more 

  • Increase conversions from your content creation (Email marketing, Facebook and other social media)  

  • Open Week + Implementation (Bonus Training Decided By You)

Month Three:

  • Raise Your Prices and Change Your Structure (Love Your Business More + Create More Money)

  • Understand Your Numbers To Create Predictable Success

  • Adding in More Passive Income Sales into Your Monthly Income 

  • Open Week + Implementation (Bonus Training Decided By You)

Month Four:

  • Team Building and Automation: Make More and Work Less

  • Collaborations, PR Opportunities and Building Profitable Relationships

  • Creating Consistent Five Figure Months and Beyond 

  • Open Week + Implementation (Bonus training decided by you)

It’s not just about the content and training. You also get unlimited feedback from me to bounce your ideas around and realize exactly how you can instantly improve the results of your content. I created a six-figure business in a year and I’m ready to show you how you can, too. Are you ready?

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WHAT's included

WHAT's included

Six-Figure Ambition includes:

  • Unlimited access to your coach (me!) including: bounce around ideas, ask for feedback and get direct edits to your content (like landing pages, ads, emails, posts, etc) 

  • Lifetime access to a vault of all of my marketing knowledge (our weekly modules) for you to refer back to again and again

  • 2 orientation modules to get prepared for the next four months with a clear vision of what you want things to look like (and what they will look like very soon!) 

  • 12 weekly in-depth PDF modules to help you on your way to predictable, 6-figure success in your business 

  • 16 weekly group coaching calls with Taylor and the other women in the group for guidance and support where you are guaranteed 1:1 time to chat with me 

  • Bonus monthly live streams with Taylor in the Facebook group to answer questions, provide support, and keep your momentum

  • Private Facebook group to connect with highly engaged badass millennial entrepreneurs just like you.



This is not your average group program. By investing in Six-Figure Ambition you’ll have the ultimate triple threat: a mastermind support group, a place to bounce your ideas around, and a high-level coach in your corner. Success is imminent.



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What our past students have to say about 6FA!

What our past students have to say about 6FA!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much support and attention will I really get from Taylor in this program?
Six-Figure Ambition is seriously a perfect mix of group program, mastermind, and 1:1 attention from a high-level coach! You’ll receive and work through three set modules each month, and then decide as a group what you want to learn about for one week each month (group program). You’ll use the private Facebook group to hold each other accountable, give and take support, and hold each other accountable (mastermind). On top of alllll that, you get the chance to speak with me 1:1 at the end of the weekly calls AND unlimited access to ask questions and get feedback (YES, I will look at your landing pages, email sequences, sales pages, Facebook ads, etc!) in the Facebook group (1:1 attention). I am going to be so active and responsive - it’s going to blow your mind! 

2. Just to clarify... will you, Taylor Manning, look at my Facebook ads and email sequences?
If you’re still having some trouble or lingering questions after I’ve walked you through the processes, then of course! I’m here to support you and help you! I’d love to take a look at what you’ve got to offer advice and answer your personal questions. All you have to do it post in our private Facebook group, and I’ll get back to you ASAP (and I’m pretty darn fast).

3. Who is this program for?
This program is for you if - more than anything else - you are ambitious, eager, and ready to put in the work to experience the success! This program is for you if you’ve experienced some level of success in your business that is sporadic, accidental, and maybe even flaky - but you’re ready to scale through passive income, automation, and predictable income. The bottom line is, if you’re feeling called to the program and you want the results my clients and I have...it’s possible for you.

  • Is this program for me if I am already super close to five figure months... Yes! If you are already making consistent four figure months you are a perfect fit for this program and I have no doubt you'll surpass your goals before you know it! 

  • Is this program for me if I’ve ONLY made a few hundred bucks... If you're ambitious, yes! You don’t have to have a certain level of success to be in this group - you just have to want more and be ready to do whatever it takes to get your dream life and business.

  • Is this program for me if I’m a designer/copywriter/freelancer... If you want to be making 6 figures in that business, yes! The systems and strategies I’ll be teaching you are an important part of any business’ success: Facebook Ads, sales funnels, webinars, mindset, automation, delegation, public relations, sales calls, making sales, etc.

  • Is this program for me if I’m transitioning into a brand new business or just starting as a coach after doing something else... Yes! Many of my clients have created a successful coach business after being nutritionists, selling products, freelancing, online boutiques, etc. If that’s you, too, then come on!

4. How will the content be delivered? / What’s the schedule?
Content will be delivered through PDFs, live calls, FB live videos, and community. Every Monday you’ll gain access to a new PDF module to work through, and every Friday at 11 am EST we’ll have a group coaching call with me for guidance and support. Although I recommend being at each call if possible, there will be replays for you if you absolutely can’t make it. There will also be bonus live streams and unlimited access your fellow group members and me in our private Facebook group.

5. Can I speak with you before joining?
If any of your questions have gone unanswered, please use the chat box in the bottom right corner of the page to ask your question and me or my team will get back to you as soon as possible.