How I Transitioned from $2k Months to $20k Months

Here’s how my story starts out: when I was in college, I started a freelance business. I created a profile on a freelance website and positioned myself as a cheap college student who was great at social media. I got my first job that day and started making about $2k a month doing whatever work I could do (think: social media management, copywriting, running Facebook ads, scheduling emails into MailChimp, building WordPress websites - the list goes on).

Months later, I hired my first coach. I had worked hundreds of hours for clients, got a ton of testimonials, and even coached most of my clients for free (without realizing what coaching even was).

Now, a year and a half later, I’m easily making $20k a month in cash.

4 Essential Tips To Getting the RIGHT people on the phone

I hear it all the time. People have no problem booking discovery calls, but it’s hard to find the right people who are ready to buy, ready to invest, and ready to put in the work.

Even after 10,12,15 calls - it’s just one “no, thank you” after another. It seems impossible to get the right person on the phone!

So how do you go from signing clients here and there to actually being able to predict how many clients you’re going to sign?