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How I Transitioned from $2k Months to $20k Months

How I Transitioned from $2k Months to $20k Months

Here’s how my story starts out: when I was in college, I started a freelance business. I created a profile on a freelance website and positioned myself as a cheap college student who was great at social media. I got my first job that day and started making about $2k a month doing whatever work I could do (think: social media management, copywriting, running Facebook ads, scheduling emails into MailChimp, building WordPress websites - the list goes on).

Months later, I hired my first coach. I had worked hundreds of hours for clients, got a ton of testimonials, and even coached most of my clients for free (without realizing what coaching even was).

Now, a year and a half later, I’m easily making $20k a month in cash.

I increased my income tenfold, and there were some big internal shifts that it took to make that happen.

So: What Changed?

1. I learned my real value and stopped undercharging.

When I was a freelancer making $2k a month, every time I signed a new client I got so excited, but I also kept getting screwed over. I had clients ghost me, use my coaching for free and were condescending. But I was still so happy to make $15 an hour!

Eventually, I even got up to $20-30 an hour (which was more than my friends were making!) I did feel a bit guilty about raising my prices, but even then I had an entrepreneurial mindset where I didn’t want to follow the rules and wait years before getting a raise.

When I decided to be a coach, I had a huge block in charging what I was worth. And that’s an issue that many ladies have, too. Undercharging is a situation where you don’t truly see your worth and value.

Now, I charge what I want and need to charge and I realize that this is actually in support of my clients. By charging higher rates, I can take less clients, be more present for each client I do have and stress less. This makes me a more valuable coach.

2. I discovered I didn’t have to hustle 24/7.

I was so clueless about the fact that I did not have to hustle 24/7 just to make ends meet. I totally love hustling but now it’s because it’s fun and I enjoy doing it not because I have to hustle to just get by!

I thought in order to get a client, I had to build relationships, hustle in facebook groups (think: posting 3-5 times PER DAY), and give nonstop value. I spent hours on all of those activities everyday. Content and relationships are great but that doesn’t mean you have to be on facebook messenger for hours each day giving free advice to everyone that asks.

Now I only post in my Facebook group and I’ve still seen massive growth. I don’t push myself with personal outreach and getting on calls with people who aren’t ready to invest. Today, things are a lot more automated. I have my team handle my social media, word of mouth about my group, and facebook ads running to a funnel.

3. I became confident in my abilities and my business.

I used to be really scared in my business. I had times when I would get a really great client who would pay me $1,000 a month but then would just ghost me and disappear which was terrifying. I constantly thought my business was going to go downhill and go away.

Now, I have confidence that I will fill my programs, and that I have a community who will buy. I got out into the real world, put myself out there as an expert, made friends, been featured, and made this a real business.

Sometimes I see people who don’t treat their online business as a real business. You really want to be connecting with people, gathering a team, and marketing yourself. You need to put yourself out there, and make others believe you by believing in yourself. Mentors are also important and can help you in whatever areas you’re lacking at.

It hasn’t always been easy or natural for me to grow my business to the level that it’s at today. But with these physical and mental shifts, I’ve been able to massively grow my business in a short period of time.

I’ve found this drive to find success in my business and to do it no matter what came from one key thing: my ambition. That’s why I created a Facebook group community for ambitious badasses who are killing it (or are on their way) in their businesses. I can’t believe we already have 5,000 women in the group - we’d love to have you too! Click the button below to join!

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