Are you ready to absolutely kill it in your coaching business?

Are you completely addicted to your success and always ready for more?

Are you hell-yeah-excited to create a six-figure coaching business this year?

You're smart, you're ambitious and you’re a little bit of a risk taker. I like you already.

I totally feel you. I was you.

Just a year ago, I decided I was done working 12+ hour days and being stuck at a measly $2,000 a month in my online business.

I was putting myself in last place, and instead: 

  • Undercharging (and even discounting) my services 
  • Taking on clients I didn't love, but knew I was capable of helping 
  • Doing everything myself instead of delegating and outsourcing 

I was tired; I was ready for a change. 

So I decided I was done putting myself last, finally got strategic in my business (something I knew how to do after executing on many six and seven figure launches) and, before I knew it, I was creating consistent five-figure months. 

Now, I help other ambitious millennials ditch four-figure months and create consistent multi-five-figure months. 

“When I first started working with Taylor, I will be honest, I thought I had a lot of stuff in my business figured out, and that I would be 100% fine continuing through my business on my own, DIY’ing it. You see, I already had worked with one 1:1 coach already, and so, why did I need more? I was SO WRONG! Ever since I made the decision to hire Taylor my business has been in a whirlwind of success.

She has really helped me hone in on the more technical side of my business, the things you are just not going to learn in the freebies that are out there, and she helps me DAILY with strategies that I can implement to keep things moving forward. She walked me through hitting my first $10k month, and damn near my first $20k month. I feel like she has always got my back and can always help me dive in a little deeper than I comfortably position myself so that I can really grow to my full potential. I pretty much NEVER want to be without my Taylor Manning now!

- Stephanie Hoffman, Business Strategist with My Zestful Life

I work with ambitious millennials who are ready to be high end, well known, industry leading coaches. 

I'm looking for women who are:

  • Ready to create consistent five figures per month in their businesses and hit six figures in the next six months

  • Lifetime entrepreneurs who are in this for the long run and absolutely can not see themselves in a 9 to 5 

  • Already signing clients and making money in their business, but want to accomplish way more - a lot faster than they have already

If this sounds like you, then my 6-month Strategy and Sales coaching program is for you.   

"What I LOVED about working with Taylor was, she didn't shove her agenda or way of running her business down my throat, she let it flow through what works the best for me. With that being said, I launched my first ever group coaching program while working with Taylor and hit my enrollment goal of 20 people. I honestly don't think I would have showed up every day promoting my group coaching and gotten as many people enrolled had I not had her support." 

- Genevieve Rackham, Money Coach


The results women have had in this program include: 

  • Creating her first $20k month and then creating consistent $10k+ months again and again and again 
  • Launching a group program that made multiple five figures in sales in a month 
  • Creating six figures in sales in 30 days through launching her year long coaching program 
  • Making six sales from her very first webinar 
  • Creating her first five-figure month ($12k in three weeks) during the holidays 
  • Using a simple upsell strategy to make over $30k in sales in ONE day 
  • Making her first passive income sales the weekend she set up her funnel 
  • Creating $15k in sales in a week with her new signature coaching program 

These are just a few of the things my one-on-one clients have accomplished within weeks of working with me.

When I first discovered Taylor, I was already over a year in my first business, an online retail shop. But I knew I was meant for more. I knew I had a bigger story to share & a larger impact to make. But I was afraid of starting something new as a coach. Once I started working on my own fears and limitations, I realized I needed to go for it. But, because I had already had a business, I wasn’t sure that I needed another business coach.

I knew how to get started and some of the processes to take. So I started making plans to leave my 9 to 5 and a week before my last day at work, I had a call with Taylor. I was so scared, but in that moment, I was ready to commit so I signed on using my savings. Talk about freaking out! Could I do it on my own, sure! But I wanted it NOW & FAST! Already running one online business, I wanted to work smarter & take things to the next level. Working with Taylor, she pushes you to be more strategic. To set up systems to automate your business so you can truly get the freedom you want. She offers amazing support between our sessions which is so valuable for random questions and feedback on new ideas I have. She’s always willing to push you, celebrate, and talk through how can we get you to the next level. In my second full month in my coaching business, I hit my goal of a $5k month and have BIG goals for 2017 of which I feel so confident in achieving and we still have sooo much to do! Thank you for your support Taylor.

- Kierra Jones, Empowerment Coach


How would your first five-figure month change your life?

What about consistent five-figure months?

Together we can make that happen in four months by focusing on 6 key elements:


Promoting your free and paid offers should be easy! When you niche down, define your tangible, deliverable results and your target audience, building a list of thousands become easy. We'll also dive into how to use your story to build trust and connection so people buy from you fast (think: I've had clients invest $10k+ into working with me after only being on my list for days). 


My number one struggle with building my business was mastering sales. So much in fact, I was doing 5-10 sales calls just to sign on one new client. I was working with top notch coaches who were great at sales but their strategies didn't work for me! I'll teach you my top strategies for mastering sales without ever being pushy or prying. 


The number one reason creating $30k+ per month is easy for me, is because of the number of people I have following me (that truly want to work with me). The way I've mastered content creation that consistently nurtures my people and brings in sales makes a huge difference. 


Learn my simple, step-by-step process for creating a sales funnel that brings in perfect-fit leads, creates passive income sales and books discovery calls with ideal clients every week on automate. You'll get hands on support with tweaking and editing your sales funnel (yes, I will read every single word of every single email) so that it's the absolute best it can be. 


In this program, you'll learn my simple strategy to hit any goal you want. Here's a hint: it's all about knowing your numbers. We'll map out what your sales and funnel conversions are so that you can simply plug your numbers into a formula to know the exact steps to take to hit your goal. (Yep, that includes doubling and tripling your income.) 


We'll dive into the strategies I've used on 6-figure and 7-figure launches to create low cost Facebook ads that quickly convert into sales and clients. This means no more posting over and over again in Facebook groups you don't care about and no more tiny list! 

When you join my four month coaching program, Ambition, you get:

  • An in depth orientation packet to get you up to date and confident in everything currently in your business (plus some surprise goodies!)

  • 12, 45-minute private coaching sessions 

  • Unlimited coaching in between sessions via Voxer (a walkie talkie app) to ask questions and get support when you need during the week 

  • Unlimited feedback from me on your website, sales funnels, email sequences, webinar decks, landing pages, emails, Facebook posts, etc. (I'm probably the most hands on coach you've ever met)

  • BONUS: All of my 4-month group program modules and access to the next time it goes live ($4,000 value) 

  • BONUS: All of my trainings in my client-only vault ($1,000 value)

  • BONUS: 90-minute intensive to kick off our program and give you an extra week of support when you sign up within 48 hours after your discovery call ($1,000 value)

Investment: $10,000 in full or 4 monthly payments of $3,000

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Not ready to invest at this level yet? That's okay! I teach a ton of awesome strategies in my courses that you can find, here.