Five Figure Facebook Groups is a 5-week course for ambitious life and business coaches who are ready to create consistent growth, engagement and sales in their Facebook group.

Let me guess - 

You’ve already created a Facebook group, but you definitely don’t love it, and you feel like you’ve plateaued as far as member growth goes. Why can’t I grow my group anymore?

Every time you go to promote your group you feel like it’s a repeat of every other Facebook group out there. What makes my group so special? 

On the inside, your group is quiet and unengaged you just wish for the life of you that you could get some people posting and commenting. Should I just allow promotions to get more engagement? 

And let’s not talk about sales. You swear every time you post about your latest offer, someone sneaks out of the group without fail. Why don’t people want to buy my products? 

Girl, I get it. 

For the longest time, my group was stuck at a few hundred people, I got a few comments from the same few people but that’s it and every “launch” I attempted totally flopped. Like not a single sale, flop. 

Now, everything has changed. 

My group has over 4,000 people in it and it’s my favorite place on the Internet. Seriously. 

Not to mention the fact that I get 50+ requests per day on automate, it’s suuuuuper engaged and the best part is….

People actually buy my offers, like every single time I put them out. 

Here’s the deal, sister - 

Community + Content = Profit

If you’re Facebook Group isn't an engaged community of raving fans AND you don’t have a content schedule and strategy that totally lights you up, your group is basically a time suck. But it doesn't have to be. It can be your biggest money maker.



• Strategically naming your group so it stands out on Facebook, speaks clearly to your ideal client and can grow on automate every single day 

• Setting the guidelines and rules for your group that create the atmosphere and vibe you want your group to have, keep massive attention on you and still promotes engagement from your group members 

• Defining your group’s purpose that makes it easy to promote and grow by hundreds of new members 


• Learn my go-to strategies I used to grow my group from 300 to 2,000 members in the matter of just 60 days (and how you can use them to do the same) 

• Steal the strategies I use with my 1:1 clients to take their groups from 0 - 1,000 members in literally just days 

• Discover how I am getting 25-50 requests per day on automate from ideal clients without actively promoting my group anywhere

• I'll walk you through how to create a foolproof weekly strategy for growing your Facebook group so you can always have fresh eyes on your content and offers



• Map out a simple and effective content strategy that takes from people “Never heard of her!”, to obsessed fan in your Facebook group, to high level (and high paying) 1:1 client 

• Snag my exact content schedule and strategy I use to get hundreds of views on my Facebook lives and dozens of comments on mosts of my posts 

• Learn how to implement daily threads in a new way that grows engagement and connects you to ideal clients (instead of just gets posted week after week with no engagement) 

• Master the TWO types posts I use to actually make sales and fill up EVERY ONE of my programs and offers


  • • Discover how in ONE HOUR I booked 7 free sessions which converted to two high end 1:1 clients, from Facebook groups that don’t allow promotions (without breaking any rules) 

    • Take a sneak peak at the type of posts I’ve used (and you can use too) to get hundreds of likes, dozens of comments, and massive visibility in other people’s Facebook groups 

    • Learn how to optimize your Facebook presence so people are always finding your group without you promoting anything in other groups 

    • Find out how to promote your group and/or freebie in other groups in a way that’s not spammy or sleazy


  • • Discover how I sell in my group on a daily basis and make $10k+ per month in my Facebook group with ease 

    • Duplicate my exact 3 step process I’ve used to launch programs solely in my Facebook Group that make over $10k in ONE WEEK time and time again 

Here’s what you get when you join the program: 

  • 5 modules with a total of 17 videos you can watch and implement at your own pace 
  • Bonus workbooks, checklists and printables to use again and again as you grow your Facebook group 
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook group (Where I am answering ALL of your Facebook group questions!) 
  • A bonus vault of training that is always growing and includes swipe copy, video trainings and workbooks 
  • Access to the course content forever, including updates and new content 

"Taylor gave me incredible guidance when it came to my Facebook group. I wanted to start growing a community of people I loved, wanted to serve, and with whom I had a ton in common. Taylor helped me in niching down, so that I was targeting a group that had something in common with me & that I could help. She also helped guide me when I was in the process of renaming my group. With the new name, I get tons of requests DAILY from entrepreneurs. The best part? I'm not even actively promoting! They just find me - and it HAS to be the name! Finally, Taylor has given me ideas on how to grow my group. I utilized one of her ideas, and I grew my group by over 100 people instantly! Taylor knows Facebook groups." 

- Jessica Rose, Coach for Multipassionate Millennials

"So I first started following Taylor and utilizing her training's for growing Facebook groups. I really wanted to make sure that my community was infused with who I am and that I was bringing my unique self to my brand and business so I could attract my tribe. People who were truly meant to follow me and be impacted by what I had to say. 

Utilizing the tips and tricks has been helpful in growing my community and gaining some of my first clients. It's a community that I absolutely love, I'm active in, and engaged. When I first started with the program, I had about 300 members in my group. Within 4 months, I have doubled that with ideal clients. And that has been really helpful for me. "

- Kierra Jones, Empowerment and Shine Coach

Oh, but wait - there's more 

Bonus 1: Discovery call and sales post swipe copy ($97 value) 

See the actual word-for-word copy I've used to sell out my 1:1 programs multiple times with Facebook group posts and emails. You can tweak this copy for your own programs whenever you are looking to bring in more income into your business. 

Bonus 2: Sell your offers checklist - 30 total strategies ($97 value)

Grab my checklist of 30 different ways I use on a weekly basis to sell all of my offers including courses, passive income, 1:1 programs, group programs, paid trainings, etc. Never wonder who to sell your programs again. 

BONUS 3: Watch me plan my weekly content video training ($127 value)

Watch me plan all of my Facebook group, social media and email marketing content for the week in under 40 minutes. This bonus hasn't been released in a year and has only been released to less than 100 women. 

Frequently ASked questions

Will this course be offered again? 

Yes it will be! But I can promise you that now is the absolute best time to join. The price for the course is expected to increase after this initial launch once doors opens again in the next few months. 

How and when is the content delivered? 

You will get an email immediately verifying your purchase and granting access to our exclusive Facebook community. You will get access the course content on or before March 20th, 2017. You will have instant access to all the modules and content, however, we will keep you accountable with weekly emails reminding you of where you should be in the course over the next five weeks. 

How long do we have access to the materials?

You will have lifetime access to the course materials via our membership site. Plus, as we have new content and bonus materials added you will get access to everything new! If for some reason the content is ever going to be taken down, we will give you fair notice to save all of the files for lifetime access. 

I have another question... 

Great! See that box toward the bottom right hand corner of the page that says, "Send Taylor Your Question!"? Click that and send over your questions and concerns - my team and I are happy to support you in making the right decision!