Let me take a wild guess why you're here...

You have these huge dreams inside of you.

Notebooks full of numbers, dreams, schemes, plans, and ideas - but ....

1. You’re tired of repeating mantra after mantra all month long and then just making enough to get by. 

2. You’re tired of putting in the work, the hours, doing all of the things - but not seeing the results you want.

3. You’re tired of discounting your rates, lowering your standards and dropping your boundaries just to feel defeated at the end of the month.

4. You're tired of being average - you know you have something to offer the world, you know you're good at what you do - you just wish your strategies turned into more sales. 

I'm Taylor Manning, marketing strategist for ambitious women entrepreneurs ready to take their online business to consistent five figure months.

I want you know a few things: 

First, it takes three must-haves to have a 6-figure business: 1. Community 2. Content 3. Offers 

If you're missing one of those - there's your gap. 

If you're not, it's deeper than a missing "secret" the gurus are leaving out. I help my clients master the following: 

  • Growing their email list and communities by 1,000's so they are consistently reaching more people and in turn, making more sales in their programs 
  • Create content that hooks their audience in and converts into sales and clients (even on automate!)
  • Create a strategy where they are promoting their offers and bringing in actual income into their business nearly every single day 
  • Finally stand out online so they aren't just another coach but the go-to coach for their people which allows them to get more referrals, convert high end clients faster and with less objections and promote their 1:1 less 
  • Write sales copy that shows the benefit of working with them and has people dropping their money excuses and joining their programs without FB messaging back and forth or doing an insane amount of outreach and follow up 
  • Have a sales and launch strategy they can use over and over that feels good to them, fills out their programs and allows them to make high end and low end sales with or without sales calls 
  • Go from a few sales here and there in their businesses to consistent and always growing five figure and multiple five figure months

Your goals aren't too big, too ambitious or too anything.

In fact, they're just the right size for a team as badass as you and me.


"Taylor is a genius when it comes to delivering the right content that speaks directly to your target audience. I have no problem creating content - I actually enjoy it, yet Taylor comes up with the BEST ways to tweak words to turn good copy into outstanding copy! She has helped me create catchy headlines, website copy that really makes my audience believe I am speaking directly to them, and Facebook ads that are unlike anything else I've seen on the internet!

Before working with Taylor, I built a Nutrition Business from scratch that brought me home from my 8-6 corporate job. 90% of my income from my Nutrition business comes from client-based referrals. But after a year and a half building a nutrition business, I was ready to expand my services to include business coaching so I could help other health and fitness professionals build their dream businesses. I already had a business coach, but I decided to hire Taylor anyway because I knew she would bring something completely different to the table for me, my family, and my business. Taylor has been extremely responsive to every one of my requests, she is incredible with copy-editing and brainstorming ideas that work for ME and MY business.

Almost immediately after hiring Taylor I saw huge growth within my business coaching business; I was able to hit a $12k sales month the month after hiring her!Taylor will tell it to you like it is, she won't beat around the bush. Taylor knows what needs to be done in order to succeed. She will share her expertise with you, but you need to get out there and make it happen for yourself! You need to be confident in your programs, your sales strategy, and you need to set intentions every single month and then just go after them with a positive attitude and you will succeed! Taylor will help you push through any doubt and fear. She will help you come out on top!"

Jenna Carelli, Nutritionist and Business Coach