• Redefining You and Your Badass Brand

  • Diving Into Your Dream Life and Business 


  • Implement Your Sales Funnel To Create Passive Income and Book Discovery Calls

  • Email Marketing and Content That Leads To Potential Clients Reaching Out

  • Five Figure Webinars for Signing High-End Clients

  • Open Week + Implementation (Bonus Training Decided By You)  


  • Facebook Ads Part One

  • Facebook Ads Part Two

  • Master Getting The Right People on The Phone and Hearing ‘Yes’ A LOT More

  • Open Week + Implementation (Bonus Training Decided By You)

Month Three (TWEAKING):
April 19 - May 16

  • Raise Your Prices and Change Your Structure (Love Your Business More + Create More Money)

  • Understand Your Numbers To Create Predictable Success

  • Take Your Sales Funnels Up a Notch and Double Your Results

  • Open Week + Implementation (Bonus Training Decided By You)

Month Four (UPLEVELING):
May 17 - June 13

  • Team Building: Make More and Work Less

  • Add in Automation And Stepping Away From Your Computer

  • Collaborations, PR Opportunities and Building Profitable Relationships

  • Open Week + Implementation (Bonus training decided by you)

It’s not just about the content and training. You also get unlimited feedback from me to bounce your ideas around and realize exactly how you can instantly improve the results of your content. I created a six-figure business in a year and I’m ready to show you how you can, too. Are you ready?

"I've seen Taylor's magic sprinkled across the online world for Facebook ads for a while now. So I knew when I was ready to run m own ads, I needed to get her expertise. Taylor and I worked together to put together some phenomenal ads that converted at about $.60 - $.70 per conversion (amazing!!) to a cold audience! But before that happened, I was in tech overwhelm. I am not a techy person by any means and was so overwhelmed of Facebook Ads and Power Editor that I totally avoided. Taylor made it a super super easy breeze. Plus, not only did my ads convert to leads on my email but since then, I've made thousands of dollars from 1:1 clients thanks to Taylor's ad expertise and strategic knowledge on copy, audience targeting and images for my ads!" 

- Holly Diederich, Visibility and Business Coach

"I’m a spiritual mentor & relationship coach, and I came to Taylor wanting to create and launch a masterclass (but not knowing how to do it). Taylor helped me to run my first webinar, where I sold 6 spots to my paid masterclass on Healing Relationships (did I mention my conversion rate was almost 30 percent?!) This was definitely the most empowering thing to happen in my business so far! Then, she helped me to design a simple sales funnel for the masterclass recording, making it my first ever passive income product. "

- Moriah Helms, Spiritual Mentor and Relationship Coach

"Taylor’s 5-Figure Month Mastermind is AMAZING and Taylor is soooo hands on. Not only does she support us throughout the week with two calls, she really focuses on us. She has an answer or solution for any problem, question, or hiccup you have. Plus, the ladies in the group also pop in to give feedback. Her group coaching programs are NOT like what you might be used to… she doesn’t just record and post a video, assign homework, and then disappear until the next week - she is constantly there to provide support and actually BE your coach. If you’re looking for a program where you are going to have a coach that will answer your questions, have a solution to your problem, and respond to you within a couple of hours - TAYLOR IS YOUR GIRL. I’m a huge fan and, I can tell you right now, anytime I need to invest in a coach to improve my business I am going to hire Taylor. She listens and gives feedback or advice based on your goals, your problems, and your way of doing things. If you are thinking about joining Six-Figure Ambition, I highly recommend it, you won’t regret the decision. You’re going to get 100% support from Taylor, she will be there for you, she will help you. If you follow her steps, listen to her instructions and put in the effort you’re going to get results."

- Jessica Rose, Life and Business Coach + Lawyer