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Monumental Millennial


Monumental Millennial

An 8-week course for the badass millennial entrepreneur who’s ready to learn the strategies that create predictable, consistent five-figure months.

Hey, badass.

Let me take a wild guess - success has always come easy to you…

Your family has bragged up and down about you since you were in Kindergarten (probably even before).

They just KNEW you’d be successful - you know, like a lawyer, doctor, teacher. They thought you’d follow society’s standard of success to go to school, get a degree and the job that goes along with it, and then spend the next forty years working your way up the ladder. That kind of successful.

But you couldn’t help but think - there has to be more to life than this.

Were you given your ambition, drive and motivation to make some else’s dream come true? Just to make someone else a millionaire?

Oh, hell no.

At some point, you discovered that you can do whatever you want and have whatever you want from life. And now it’s all in your hands.

You’re absolutely positive that your dream business and life are possible for you, but you just want a little more predictability. You’ve defined your version of success, and you’re on your way to reaching it.

You’ve got content rolling out, your first few clients under your belt, and you know that what you can do for people will change their life!

You KNOW you’ve got what it takes to build a business that makes a big impact, but you’re stuck trying to figure out why everyone else it doing better - hitting five-figure months, growing their list and Facebook group like crazy, keeping their calendar booked, working less, and taking amazing trips the entire time.

You try to remind yourself: it takes time, it’s happening, everything is working out for me….

But you’re the independent, impatient, go at your own pace kinda business girl. And you want that incredible success NOW.

If you could just get your hands on the strategy and systems that these women have, you’d be set. You could set them up and make them work for your business and have that long-term monumental success you crave and know you’re destined for.

That’s why I created Monumental Millennial. There are no secrets. All you need is the strategy, and things will be seem so much easier and happen so much faster once you have it.

I trashed the typical “successful” lifestyle - to the shock and horror of my family - and had monumental success on my own terms.

I know exactly where you’re at because, just over a year ago, I was there too.

I was that girl. You know, the one who knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. It was 9th grade when I realized I would be a journalist.

I won awards in high school for my video productions and went on get a journalism degree at an expensive, private college. I immediately jumped in the school’s program to be a lead anchor and then lead producer. #teacherspet

I even got the internship that everyone was jealous of. The same girl had held the position for years. I got paid pretty well by the hour and was paid to drive around the city, shop at different shops, try food at new restaurants, go to events, and then write about it.

My parents were proud. My teachers were impressed. My peers were jealous.

Meanwhile, I came across this YouTube video, How To Make Money Online, and I decided to give freelancing a shot. I had never heard of it, but I knew I could market myself as a young, cheap, hardworking college student.

It worked.  Long story short, I graduated with that degree that I’d dreamed of for years and didn’t apply to a single job because I knew that the typical 9 to 5 life wasn’t for me - no matter how much success was waiting for me there. I was ready to define my version of success and create the life to match it.

I spent two years helping companies across the globe build their businesses. I had tons of hours clocked with multiple marketing agencies and I’d even helped multiple course creators and coaches have their first six and seven figure launches.

But I still didn’t feel accomplished. I was constantly being told how “lucky” I was and “what a great learning opportunity” it all was - but I was living in the middle of the ghetto in an apartment I hated and working all day, every day just to build other people’s success.

I was fed up with the 12+ hour days, being stuck at a measly $2,000 a month in my online freelance business and watching everyone else have the success I wanted.

I had been a vital part of helping all these other business owners hit multiple six and seven figure goal...why couldn’t I do they same for myself? Or share my knowledge to help others do the same?  

Not too long ago, I discovered the online coaching world and I was immediately hooked. And I knew two things: I had a skill I could teach people (marketing) and I wanted to make A LOT more money (#sorrynotsorry).

So I hired a coach (with my very first credit card) and quickly hit consistent $8,000 months in my online business.  But I couldn’t quite go any further. I was stuck. I was missing something.

At the time, my goal was to hit a $12,000 month. But no matter how hard I pushed to hit that goal, I just couldn't do it - I kept having to push my deadline back.

And then it clicked - the number one most important piece of information I learned while working with with those big-time business owners on their six and seven figure launches:

there are no “secrets” to success, it’s all about strategy, systems and automation.

I started applying this to my business - and things took off like never before. My list hit 7,000 people, my Facebook group grew to 4,000+ members, I started creating $30,000 months (in cash) and had more freedom than ever because I was able to invest in a team and the programs that made things so much easier and more automated.

Now, I've flown past the six-figure-year milestone and have created multiple 1:1 and group coaching programs to help other ambitious millennials make their monumental mark in the online world by creating their own six-figure businesses.

In the first year of my coaching business I:

  • Built a badass team of the most amazing women

  • Created over $200,000 in revenue from my online coaching business

  • Had my first $20,000, $30,000 and even $50,000 months in my business

  • Grew my Facebook community and list to 10,000+ women combined

  • Traveled more than half a dozen times (yes, that’s a trip every other month!)

  • Bought my dream car and was able to gift my younger sister her first car

  • Found complete independence and never have to say no to something after scurrying to check my bank account (come on, you’ve been there…)

And, I’ve helped my clients create monumental success in their online businesses, too.

“When I first started working with Taylor, I will be honest, I thought I had a lot of stuff in my business figured out, and that I would be 100% fine continuing through my business on my own, DIY’ing it. You see, I already had worked with one 1:1 coach already, and so, why did I need more? I was SO WRONG! Ever since I made the decision to hire Taylor my business has been in a whirlwind of success.

She has really helped me hone in on the more technical side of my business, the things you are just not going to learn in the freebies that are out there, and she helps me DAILY with strategies that I can implement to keep things moving forward. She walked me through hitting my first $10k month, and damn near my first $20k month. I feel like she has always got my back and can always help me dive in a little deeper than I comfortably position myself so that I can really grow to my full potential. I pretty much NEVER want to be without my Taylor Manning now!

- Stephanie Hoffman, Business Strategist with My Zestful Life

I originally hired Taylor for 1:1 support as I took the leap from online retail shop to business coach. She pushed me to be more strategic, automate, and finally hit my first $5K month in my second month of coaching - it was amazing! I chose to continue with her support through her mastermind (and the upcoming group program). Taylor offers so much support; she is so responsive, gives great advice, and has valuable feedback for everything! But we’re not just getting great business strategy, we’re also finding #bizbesties and taking those relationships offline. I made it a goal for 2017 to connect with more women who are powerful and have these great things going on, too, and through this program I’m getting that! So I get to have support from Taylor AND build connections with women in the online world who completely get where I’m at in business and in life. Plus, the personal touch that Taylor puts on the program is incredible. She’s always willing to push you, celebrate, and talk through how can we get you to the next level. My mindset has changed and I’m so supported through each of these women. I highly encourage you to take this opportunity to build community and connection while getting access to Taylor!"

- Kierra Jones, Empowerment Coach


Now, it’s time to make your mark in the online work. Are you ready?

Monumental Millennial

An 8-week course for the badass millennial entrepreneur who’s ready to learn the strategies that create predictable, consistent five-figure months.

I designed this course to give you everything you could possibly need to scale your business.

You’re getting my brain, my systems and my strategy - no fluff involved.

You’ll save time and money, and uplevel your business for the monumental success and impact you’ve been craving.

My brand new course is perfect for you if:

  • You’re determined to hit huge goals in your business and become a leader in your industry
  • You’ve kicked ass so far, but you’re ready for even more - most people don’t “get it” but you know you’re meant for it
  • You know that you can change your clients’ lives with the skills you bring to the table
  • You’re a get it done kinda girl, whether that means on your own or with a team
  • You’re ready to be known + have a massive community and following
  • You can’t see yourself in a 9 to 5 ever again - you’d rather walk dogs or babysit or freelance or, you know, run a kick ass business
  • You want more clients, more money every month, and more FREEDOM in your life
  • You know systems, strategy and automation are the “secret” to monumental success
  • You know that with the right knowledge that you’re currently missing you could be doing HUGE things with your business
  • You’ve always been a total overachiever, and you’re not stopping that habit now
  • You’re so over the traditional idea of success and want to be a part of the millennial movement giving your middle finger to traditional views of success


Now, you have the chance to learn the exact systems, strategy and automation that can give you the monumental success you’ve been craving.


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Monumental Millennial Course Overview:

Week 1

Diving Into Your Dream Life and Business + Making It Happen

  • Discover the life you want to create with your business including more travel, more financial freedom, paid off debt (no more worrying about “wasting” that degree, girlfriend) and living the life you’re dreaming of

  • Learn the foundation of online strategy with my exclusive video training on goal setting, conversion rates and launch planning so you can find out the EXACT steps you must take to hit your goal

Week 2 

Content that Converts High-End Clients and Passive Sales

  • Learn when, where and what to post to attract the perfect-fit clients for your programs

  • Swipe the posts I’ve used to book tons of free calls and many clients in Facebook groups that don’t allow promotions

  • Discover the content strategy I use to consistently nurture my people AND sell without them even realizing it

  • Find out exactly how I use live, virtual events (masterclasses, webinars and challenges) to sign on high end clients and fill my programs

Week 3:

Build Your Sales Funnel For Passive Income and Discovery Calls

  • Perfect your optin so that it becomes easy to get hundreds of people onto your email list and into your funnel

  • Implement my number one strategy to create $1,000+ in passive income with no extra promotion or work on your part

  • Build an email sequence that showcases your story and books discovery calls with ideal clients on automate

Week 4 

Facebook Ads + Lead Generation

  • Learn and implement my go-to strategies to grow your list and Facebook group by thousands so your income is always increasing (more eyes on your message = more sales)

  • Learn everything you need to know to create an epic Facebook Ad campaign that converts at a super low cost and adds tons of ideal clients to your funnel

Week 5

Master Your Sales + Get The Right People On The Phone

  • The exact strategies I use to get only the most ideal potential clients on the phone so that converting 80%+ of the people I speak to into 1:1 clients

  • Master objections in a non-salesy way and learn how to close the sale so that you can finally break free of never ending cycle of doing tons of no-sale discovery calls each week

Week 6

Know Your Numbers To Scale Your Business

  • Learn advanced marketing and planning strategies to scale your business and double or even triple your income (without working any more than you already are)

  • Discover new income streams to add to your business that are totally hands off and allow you to make more income even when your coaching program is booked out

  • Find out how (and why) to track your numbers, what they should be and how to improve them so your results can keep increasing every single month

Week 7

Build Your Team + Add Automation and Systems

  • Start creating more time in your life and business by bringing on even the most basic team members

  • Learn exactly who to hire first, what to have them do and how to keep building your team

  • Add systems into your business so your common processes and tasks can be automated and easily replicated by your team

Week 8

Create Long Term, Consistent Five-Figure Months

  • Discover how to avoid the common setbacks entrepreneurs face and the next steps you need to take to continue scaling your business and create an even more epic life

  • Review the tasks you should be focusing on every single day to keep growing your business

  • Take a peek into how you can take your business and start creating multiple five-figure months

"I’m a spiritual mentor & relationship coach, and I came to Taylor wanting to create and launch a masterclass (but not knowing how to do it). Taylor helped me to run my first webinar, where I sold 6 spots to my paid masterclass on Healing Relationships (did I mention my conversion rate was almost 30 percent?!) This was definitely the most empowering thing to happen in my business so far! Then, she helped me to design a simple sales funnel for the masterclass recording, making it my first ever passive income product. "

- Moriah Helms, Spiritual Mentor and Relationship Coach

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WHAT's included

WHAT's included

Monumental Millennial includes:

  • Weekly in-depth, PDF workbook modules

  • Weekly video trainings to go along with each PDF

  • Exclusive Facebook group to connect and get support + feedback from other entrepreneurs on the same path as you

  • Lifetime access to all of the materials + any updates or additional modules in the future

  • Access to ask Taylor questions (about anything) in our office hours every other week

Ready to create the monumental business success you’ve been dreaming of.



If Taylor is peeking your interest, let me save you the trouble and tell you to just go ahead and hire her now. What I LOVED about working with Taylor was, she didn't shove her agenda or way of running her business down my throat, she let it flow through what works the best for me. With that being said, I launched my first ever group coaching program while working with Taylor and hit my enrollment goal of 20 people. I had tried launching something similar last year and after no one signed up the first day I chickened out and took it down. Taylor's coaching helped me incorporate my already present confidence with getting clients and making money and bring it into the next level of doing something bigger (and scarier). I honestly don't think I would have showed up every day promoting my group coaching and gotten as many people enrolled had I not had her support. If you have an idea whether it's a product or an income goal and you're not sure how to make it a real life thing... HIRE TAYLOR! 

- Genevieve Rackham, Money Mindset Coach

Taylors Launch pic.png

"Taylor is a genius when it comes to delivering the right content that speaks directly to your target audience. I have no problem creating content - I actually enjoy it, yet Taylor comes up with the BEST ways to tweak words to turn good copy into outstanding copy! She has helped me create catchy headlines, website copy that really makes my audience believe I am speaking directly to them, and Facebook ads that are unlike anything else I've seen on the internet!

Almost immediately after hiring Taylor I saw huge growth within my business coaching business; I was able to hit a $12k sales month the month after hiring her! Taylor will tell it to you like it is, she won't beat around the bush. Taylor knows what needs to be done in order to succeed. She will share her expertise with you, but you need to get out there and make it happen for yourself! You need to be confident in your programs, your sales strategy, and you need to set intentions every single month and then just go after them with a positive attitude and you will succeed! Taylor will help you push through any doubt and fear. She will help you come out on top!"

- Jenna Carelli, Nutritionist and Business Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this course just for coaches?
Monumental Millennial will give you the tools and strategy to scale your business, reach more people and make more money than ever before, and is perfect for the millennial entrepreneur who has coaching packages, trainings, courses, digital programs, or any other product or service that aims at educating clients. While I am a coach and a ton of my clients are coaches, this program is perfect for you if your main goal is to reach and teach people in some sort of way.

2. How will content be delivered?
Content will be delivered through our brand new membership site! You’ll gain instant access to everything as soon as you sign up. The best part? It’s mobile friendly, so you can work through the course from the plane, coffee shop, subway (couch, when you’re too lazy to go find your computer) - it’s on the go, just like you! You’ll be able to learn through PDFs, videos, and workbooks the whole way through, and you’ll get lifetime access to all of it!

3. When will I get access to the modules?
You can access the modules through our membership site as soon as you sign up. You can use your computer, tablet or phone to work through the entire course, too! Oh, and did I mention that you have lifetime access to these modules and any updates in the future? Cause you do!

4.How much time will I need to spend on this course?
Content will be delivered through PDFs, live calls, FB live videos, and community. Every Monday you’ll gain access to a new PDF and/or video module to work through, and every Thursday/Friday (the dates are set and will be delivered to you once you sign up!) we’ll have a group coaching call with me for guidance and support. Although I HIGHLY recommend being at each call, there will be replays for you if you absolutely can’t make it. There will also be bonus live streams and unlimited access your fellow group members and me in our private Facebook group.

5. How involved with Taylor be?
I will be in the exclusive Monumental Millennial Facebook group on a weekly basis to offer feedback. However, there are multiple upgrade options that are available to you if you’re interested in a little more one-on-one time with me. Contact me to find out more!

6. Can I get a refund?
This course comes with a 100% money back guarantee! Should you find yourself unhappy, all you have to do is submit your refund request along with your completed course materials within 7 days of enrolling.  After the 7 day grace period, there will be no refunds of any kind and you are fully responsible for all due payments. Trust me, this stuff works, just check out the testimonials below, girlfriend!