Hey, over achiever. High performer. Ambitious badass. 

Monumental Mastermind is a 12-week mastermind and upleveling experience for exclusively selected, high performing women ready to play even bigger in their online businesses - create massive income, see substantial growth in their community and become a industry leader. 

I designed this program with you in mind - the woman who surpasses the norm. 

Growing my business over the past few years has been, interesting... I've outgrown countless friendships, hired many coaches, reached insane goals, held myself back in fear of being too big/good. I spent a long time looking for my people - and I'll be honest, I still am - so I created this mastermind for us. It's a place for you to connect with other women at your level (nearing or at $10k months) who want to go even bigger and create even more as well as be coached by a multiple-six-figure earner. 

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The mastermind will run approximately from August 15th through October 25th and includes: 

  • 9, 60-minute group mastermind sessions over Zoom 
  • 3, 30-minute, monthly 1:1 sessions with you and Taylor 
  • A transformative orientation packet and uplevel handbook that shows you all the ways you've been playing small that we'll commit to doing together 
  • Weekly homework assignments designed to get you out of your comfort zone and improving your business
  • Daily access to me in our private Facebook group (includes answers to questions about anything and feedback on all of your marketing including - ads, posts, emails, web pages, ideas, etc.) 
  • Access to your mastermind sisters in the Facebook group community 



Let's face it, you're meant for so much more. 

Over the course of the next 12-weeks, I'll be showing you everything it really took for me to go from making $8,000-$10,000 (in sales) months to consistent $30,000+ (in cash) months including: 

  • Setting income goals and monthly strategy to surpass $10k months  
  • Growing your list and community to become a leader in your industry and make it much easier for your to hit much bigger goals 
  • Launching a group program or small end, group-setting offers to make much more income every month without putting in more time 
  • Building a cost effective team (and what you should be investing back into your business in order to scale) to stop doing all of the shiz in your business you hate doing 
  • Time wasters versus visibility builders to speed up your growth and get you focusing on only the tasks that will really make a difference 
  • Overcoming the mindset blocks and strategy struggles that keep most women from consistently growing 

What past masterminders have said:

This mastermind isn't for everyone

But it is for the women ready to double and triple the amount of cash they are bringing in each month, create launch strategies they can use over and over to create multiple five figure launches and create passive and reoccuring income. 

As mentioned above, the members of this (~10 women) mastermind program will be hand selected by me. I can ensure you that everyone in the program will be a high performer, either nearing or already at five figure months that can highly contribute to your growth. 

The investment for this 3-month/ 12-week program is: 3 monthly payments of $1,700 or $5000 in full. There are currently *8* spots left. 

Please fill out and submit the form below to apply for the mastermind. By applying for the mastermind, you are not required to join us, however, please only apply if you are seriously interested and financially ready to invest in the program at the investment level shared above. 

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