Introducing: The Monumental Mastermind

The Monumental Mastermind is a 9-week mastermind and upleveling experience for high performing women who are ready to play even bigger in their online businesses - create massive income, see substantial growth in their community and become a industry leader. 

Hey, over achiever. High performer. Ambitious badass. 

I designed this program with you in mind - the woman who surpasses the norm. 

You're freaking good at what you do. 

You've mastered signing 1:1 clients.

Your clients are getting results, sharing your name with others and shouting you out. 

You've been (or are) fully booked.

You have hit the milestones you know many entrepreneurs (like your clients) dream of. 

But you have this dirty little secret... it's not enough. 

You want to be making more money... like double, triple, or if we're being really honest with ourselves - even more. Even though that makes you crap your pants a little bit.... (Oh yeah- I went there). 

And it's becoming a mental battle every day to a) let yourself go after what you truly want and b) to figure out how the hell you can actually make it happen. 

Let me stop you right there. 

YES - You can have $15k, $20k and even $30k months. Got it? 

Growing my business over the past few years has been, interesting...

I've outgrown countless friendships, hired many coaches, reached insane goals ($50,000 cash months - say WHAT?!) and held myself back in fear of being too big or too good for those I loved.

I spent a long time looking for my people - and I'll be honest, while I've met so many of them already, I still am - so I created this mastermind for us.

This mastermind is a place for you to connect with other women at your level (nearing or at $10k sales months) who want to go even bigger and create even more as well as be coached by a multiple-six-figure earner who's 100% got your back.

Ready? Let's do this! 

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I'll be showing you everything it took to go from making $8,000-$10,000 (in sales) months to consistent $30,000+ (in cash) months including: 

  • Becoming the 'leader of the industry' you want to be now so you can increase your 1:1 prices, rework your programs and actually create a freedom filled business 
  • Setting up systems in your business to create income on automate (in unique, creative and customized-to-you ways) 
  • Strategizing how to start each month with a certain amount of cash coming in each month (the last masterminders saw results like $5k and $10k cash to start off the month)
  • Launching programs that allow you to serve more, have less of the same conversations each week and scale your income (think: group programs, masterminds, courses, etc)  
  • Using your intuition in your business so you always have the answers you need and can finally stop feeling unaligned, exhausted and bored from the work you do
  • Actually creating a profit in your business by going from five figures in sales to five figures (and more) CASH each month
  • Building your team and implementing systems and automation in your business to save you time and finally having you loving your business again (and not burning out... again)  
  • High level strategizing around: visibility, content, list and community growth, Facebook ads, funnels, launching, etc. 



The mastermind will run approximately from September 4th to November 3rd and includes: 

  • 9, 90-minute group mastermind sessions over Zoom (Monday's at 10 am EST) 
  • 9, 30-minute livestream training sessions in our private community to give you the step by step breakdowns of upleveling to multiple five figure months (Wednesdays at 3 pm EST)
  • Weekly homework assignments designed to get you out of your comfort zone and improving your business
  • Daily access to me in our private Facebook group (includes answers to questions about anything and feedback on all of your marketing including - ads, posts, emails, web pages, ideas, etc.) 
  • Access to your mastermind sisters in the Facebook group community and our secret Voxer group chat (yay for voice notes!) 

One more thing ... this mastermind isn't for everyone.

This program is not for you if:

  • You aren't sure who you serve, what you do or if you're even good enough to be a coach
  • You aren't already signing 1:1 clients consistently and have confidence in your sales process for this 
  • You are not ready to step up and be uncomfortable - you will be encouraged to do things that feel big and scary but will lead to mind blowing results 
  • You do not already have a community and/or email list that buys from you 
  • You have a bad habit of being inconsistent in your business and/or not following through on ideas 
  • You are not open to being surrounded by other high level entrepreneurs who will push you and call you out but also love you every step of the way 
  • You do not desire to make $10k, $20k, $30k cash months every month 
  • You do not see the benefit or believe in investing money back into your business through teams, ads, automation, coaching, etc. 

But it is for the women ready to double and triple the amount of cash they are bringing in each month, create launch strategies they can use over and over to create multiple five figure launches and create passive and reoccuring income in their businesses as well as be surrounded by like minded badasses. 

I am not teach one-size-fits-all strategies that you have to go out and implement regardless or not if they feel good. I am coaching you through creating your own unique ideas and strategies, that light you up and get you excited and make incredible income.  

The investment for this 9 week program is $1997.

There are limited spots and once the spots are filled the ability to register will end. Those who join before 8/18 will get a bonus 30-minute, 1:1 session with me. Registration ends 9/1.