Are you ready for your breakthrough?

In just 2 days, surrounded by the support and badassery of 7 other women (including myself), you can finally have it. The Business Sleepover Retreat is designed to take women who are stuck at that four-figure month mark and are so ready to be done with playing small to their first five figure mark and across the finish line for their first six figure year in their online business. 

Let me guess.... 

  • You know you should be charging way more, you just don't know if people will still buy your programs 
  • You're making enough from your biz to get by, but you feel like your hustling Gary Vee style without getting the results 
  • You want to be seen as a leader, but you can't help but wonder if you're really good enough 
  • You truly know there's no difference between her and you, but you wonder what's holding you back from being where she is at 
  • You want five figure months so you can have more freedom in your day to day life, start paying your bills early, be able to and simply say "yes" more often

How do I know? Because, girlfriend, that was me too. 

015 (1).jpg

If you saw me in my business two years ago, you wouldn't recognize me. I was timid, scared and I didn't believe in myself. I was constantly discounting my rates and doing strategies I hated because I felt like I had to to get results. 

Funny enough, I really wasn't getting very exciting results - I was just scraping by in my business. 

My Business Sleepover Retreat is unlike and retreat or event you've ever been to or seen. 

We've all been there - attended retreats and events that are way too fast, way too formal, and way too focused on teaching and not enough on implementation. You barely get to know the people at the retreat, and you promise that your all going to stay in touch and then don’t. That’s not what this retreat will be like.

The content I am sharing with you is 100% customized to the women at the event. You will leave with a step-by-step, totally custom 90-day plan to hit every goal you're dreaming of. 


We’ll be staying in a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home in Orlando, Florida. You stay in a double room is included for all 3 nights is included. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.04.42 AM.png

Who is it for and why a live event? 

Over the past few years, I've coached many clients to create five figure months, five figure days and even six figure months and launches. The fact is - that's possible for you too. 

I'e also seen people get overwhelmed with learning everything virtually and sometimes just wish I could my hands on your laptop and walk you through the steps to take, in person, so you could have quick success and ditch every bitt overwhelm and confusion you've ever had. 

I'm ready to get hands on with you and show how I and my clients have been able to: 

  • Grow our lists by thousands of ideal clients while making passive income on automate
  • Book discovery calls without all of the hustle
  • Sign $5k and $10k clients and everywhere in between 
  • Fill our group program and passive income product launches 
  • Ditch the stress and overwhelm of trying to grow your email list in Facebook groups that get you no results 
  • Get over the struggle of no engagement or results coming from your Facebook group community 
  • Create $10k, $20k and $30k months (and $60k and $100k) months 

Girlfriend, this is possible for you. That's why we're doing this. 


Day 1: May 26, 2017

4PM EST - Check In

Find your bed, unpack, and then join us for dinner, wine, & game night. We’re going to get to know one another as people, not just as business owners, play Cards Against Humanity™ and other fun games to break the ice and make sure that we all feel comfortable when we buckle down the next morning to get to work.

Day 2: May 27th, 2017

What we're learning: 

  • How to create a message that stops perfect-fit clients in their tracks and has them booking a discovery call within days of finding you
  • How to tweak your content, Facebook group and overall online presence to instantly position you as an expert so you are constantly being asked to be featured, interviewed and collaborate (Hint: I used these strategies to be featured in multiple high-level group programs and sign clients without any additional marketing) 
  • Sales strategies that work from even the most introverted entrepreneur. How to use high-converting sales strategies without feeling like you're crossing a line or being too pushy. 
  • My exact sales system I've used for my own business and my clients to more than 5x my sales call conversions (From 13 calls and 1 yes to 4 calls and 2 yeses in my first few months of coaching) 

What we'll be implementing and doing:

  • Each participant will get a customized messaging and online presence audit with me + exact steps and tweaks to make to totally transform the way your business is looked at by potential clients and peers
  • We're sales call role playing - test out my go-to sales strategies, see how they feel and get my custom input on how to tweak things to feel good to you. My goal: That you leave the event feeling confident in your ability to close a sale while feeling 0% pushy or attached to the outcome. 
  • Everyone will get my feedback on their sales call booking process - including customized tweaks that we will implement that day together on how to increase your sales calls conversions with some simple tweaks on your sales page, website, scheduling system, etc. 
  • 3-5 strategies you can implement during our time together (and for the rest of forever) to book discovery calls with ideal clients - who knows, you might even book a discovery call during our weekend together! 

Bonus: My own mindset and energy coach is starting our morning out with some fun mindset activities and teaching us a mindset practice that her 6-figure+ clients use. 

Day 3: May 28th, 2017

What we're learning: 

  • How to create the perfect freebie that will finally make growing your email list easy and effortless 
  • My "secret" strategy to adding four figures of passive income into by business per month without ever taking the focus away from my larger programs or doing any extra promoting 
  • A breakdown of my go-to funnel outline that you can use to book discovery calls on automate 
  • How to use Facebook ads to get the most bang for your buck, actually see a [massive] ROI and totally transform your business (I'll be showing you how I've been able to turn a few hundred bucks into $10k+ clients and launches multiple times) 

Each participant is getting major hot seat, 1:1 time with me in front of the group, you'll leave with: 

  • Exactly what your freebie/lead magnet needs to be (if you need to change it) including the title, positioning and content 
  • A step-by-step outline to implement easy passive income into your business
  • Every single email you need in your sales funnel, including subject lines, topics and overview of the content totally outlined and ready to be completed on your plan ride home (if not later in the day together!) 
  • You copy and images for your Facebook ads totally creating 
  • A solid understanding of how to set up your Facebook ads, get them running and test and tweak them - I'll customize your ads strategy to help you hit your goals 

Day 4: May 29th, 2017

Packing and check-out: Time to pack up and head off to the airport. Expect lots of hugs, selfies and see you laters! 

Ready to Join me live at the event? 

Here’s what you get:

  • Access to me helping you uplevel your marketing & your business for 2 full days
  • Special guest Erika Ashley who is going to help  you elevate your mindset
  • Shared accommodations from May 26-29, 2017 in a beautiful house in Orlando, Florida
  • Breakfast, lunch, & dinner sorted on the 27th and 28th; Plus dinner on the 26th when you arrive 
  • A private FB group ONLY for event participants, so you can get to know each other, make plans to meet up at the airport and receive post-event support for 30 days following the event, because I want to make sure you actually implement what you strategize while you’re at the event

Save your spot - ONLY ONE LEFT! 

I know what you're thinking...

Hey badass,

I know what you're thinking. You want to learn everything we're going over and you're craving that in person feel that the event can give you, but parting with your $2,000 is scary! Plus, you still have to buy a plane ticket. And, besides, what is your significant other going to think? What are you going to do with the kids? Or maybe you're just wondering, should I put the money elsewhere, is it worth it? 

You could use the $2,000 for a family vacation, a huge splurge on yourself, and investment in private or group coaching... 

You want to wait to see if it feels easier next week to put the payment down. You want to leave the sales page and give yourself some time to find something else to put your attention on. You want to just chicken out and get back to work. 

I get it because I've thought the same exact things.

The fact is, you could also use it towards an event that can change everything for you. This event can catapult you into a five figure month or week as soon as you get back home. This event can create relationships that turn into besties, free referral machines and even new clients.

I know this content is golden, whether you've worked with me four times before or not at all. But, ultimately, it's up to you. Are you going to take a risk and step into the fear that is a sign you are upleveling (trust me, I've learned a thing or two about what fear means) or are you going to keep doing the same thing you've been doing? 

If your heart was kind of fluttering while reading the sales page, I challenge you to take action. It's a sign. I promise. 

With so much love,



1. How many women will be at the event?

There will be 5-6 women total at the event along with Erika, our guest mindset expert, and of course, yours truly, me! 

2. When does the payment plan option expire?

The payment plan expires on April 15! 

3. Will there be time to focus on my business?

Yes. I’ve kept the group intentionally small and I will be going around to help you with every single module, and you’ll have the help of the other ladies. I want you to leave the event having spoken to me 1:1 several times so you can get exactly what you need to help your business grow.

4. I haven’t signed any clients in my business yet. Can I still attend?

This event is designed for the woman who already know who she wants to work with and what she's good at. This is all about fine tuning and scaling your business from a few clients (or just-about four figures per month) to consistent, five figure months. 

5. Will you accommodate my food requirements?

Yes, I’ll do my absolute best to accommodate everyone’s requests. Once you’ve purchased, you’ll get an e-mail from me with a questionnaire about your business and it will include questions about food.

6. What is the bedroom situation?

There are 2 bedrooms with 3 single beds and 1 bedroom with 2 single beds. It’s going to be first come, first serve! 

7. What will the FB group support be like?

As soon as you save your seat, you’ll be sent a link to our private Facebook group. You can use the group to liaise with the other women to coordinate flight times in and out of Orlando to help save on cab fares to/from the airport. Your support from me will begin after the event.

8. I changed my mind! I can’t go! A dog ate my homework! Can I get a refund?

Once you’re in, you’re in. I do not offer refunds on deposits, partial, or full payments. However, if you should be unable to attend for some reason, I can attempt to help you find a replacement. If a replacement can be found, you’ll be refunded, minus a 250$ administration fee. However, if no replacement can be found, you will be responsible for the full balance of your participation.

9. I have a question! Who do I contact?

See that box in the bottom right hand corner that says "Send Taylor Your Question!"? You can use that to chat with me about any hesitations or questions you might be having! 

Save your spot - ONLY ONE LEFT!