In this 45-minute masterclass, I'm showing you exactly how to get strategic and intimate with your numbers so you can: 

 • Create a clear action plan of exactly what steps you need to be taking to hit any goal you set in your business 

• Understand what it means to ‘know your numbers’ in a way that nearly let’s you guarantee your desired results actually happen 

• Discover the top strategies I use in almost every launch (and every month) to fill my 1:1 coaching, group programs and passive trainings 

• Feel more confident when you set a goal and put out an offer instead of doubting yourself and just crossing your fingers that it'll work 

Build your sales funnel

In this 50-minute video training (PLUS: download the slides and get access to my email sequence workbook) you'll get step-by-step instruction on how to create a sales funnel that: 

  • Easily grows your list by hundreds of people per month (because a free offer should be easy to promote)
  • Creates passive income sales that can potentially cover your advertising costs and then some
  • Takes your leads through emails that share your story, show how you're different from your competition, and get them excited to buy from you
  • Books discovery calls with perfect-fit clients on automate 


In this 1 hour and 30 minute video training, I'll be showing my exact system to: 

  • Create a signature webinar topic and training that shares my story in a way that has ideal clients on the edge of their seat to work with me
  • Create and target Facebook ads for your webinars to fill them with new leads that are ready to buy your signature program
  • Pitch your high end, 1:1 program on webinars in a way that has ideal clients booking discovery calls (even at a high end price point) 
  • Sneak peak into my webinar that has made me over $10k in sales multiple times 

Facebook Ads Bundle

This bundle is perfect for anyone who has tried Facebook ads one or twice and totally flopped. You'll get both of my signature Facebook ads workbooks PLUS a 15-minute tech tutorial + links to any other tutorials you might need. We're going over: 

  • How to create ads that convert under $2 for your freebie with my top image, copy and targeting tips
  • How to set up your pixel and finally understand all the technology of Facebook ads
  • How to test and tweak your Facebook ads to get your conversion cost down (and what that even means) 
  • What numbers to pay attention to, what they mean and what to aim for