Ever find yourself wishing signing 1:1 clients could be easier? (It can be)

What about wondering if you could really start making great money with passive income without taking attention away from your 1:1 program? (You seriously can!)

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In this 50-minute replay training you will learn exactly how myself and my clients are using sales funnels to: 

  • Book discovery calls with ideal clients on automate within 1-2 weeks of them joining their list
  • Flip $300 via Facebook ads into $7,000 in 1:1 client sales in a month
  • Creating hundreds of dollars in passive income sales their first few WEEKS of passive income
  • Sell passive income without ever having to promote your passive products or launch anything 

If your email list isn't already making you great money, this training is exactly what you need. 

This training as helped hundreds of women build profitable sales funnels. The best part? It's just $37! Seriously. But only for the next 15-minutes! 

This program includes: 

  •  A 50-minute training that shares everything you need to know to create your first SUCCESSFUL sales funnel
  • My epic sales funnel outline that gives you all the details of what every page and email in your sales funnel should say and include
  • The slides I used in this training so you can study them at your own pace and print them out