Six-Figure Ambition includes:

  • Unlimited access to your coach (me!) including: bounce around ideas, ask for feedback and get direct edits to your content (like landing pages, ads, emails, posts, etc) 

  • Lifetime access to a vault of all of my marketing knowledge (our weekly modules) for you to refer back to again and again

  • 2 orientation modules to get prepared for the next four months with a clear vision of what you want things to look like (and what they will look like very soon!) 

  • 12 weekly PDF and/or video modules to help you on your way to predictable, 6-figure success in your business 

  • 16 weekly group coaching calls with Taylor and the other women in the group for guidance and support where you are guaranteed 1:1 time to chat with me 

  • Bonus monthly live streams with Taylor in the Facebook group to answer questions, provide support, and keep your momentum

  • Private Facebook group to connect with highly engaged badass millennial entrepreneurs just like you.



This is not your average group program. By investing in Six-Figure Ambition you’ll have the ultimate triple threat: a mastermind support group, a place to bounce your ideas around, and a high-level coach in your corner. Success is imminent.


If Taylor is peeking your interest, let me save you the trouble and tell you to just go ahead and hire her now. What I LOVED about working with Taylor was, she didn't shove her agenda or way of running her business down my throat, she let it flow through what works the best for me. With that being said, I launched my first ever group coaching program while working with Taylor and hit my enrollment goal of 20 people. I had tried launching something similar last year and after no one signed up the first day I chickened out and took it down. Taylor's coaching helped me incorporate my already present confidence with getting clients and making money and bring it into the next level of doing something bigger (and scarier). I honestly don't think I would have showed up every day promoting my group coaching and gotten as many people enrolled had I not had her support. If you have an idea whether it's a product or an income goal and you're not sure how to make it a real life thing... HIRE TAYLOR! 

- Genevieve Rackham, Money Mindset Coach

Taylors Launch pic.png

"Taylor is a genius when it comes to delivering the right content that speaks directly to your target audience. I have no problem creating content - I actually enjoy it, yet Taylor comes up with the BEST ways to tweak words to turn good copy into outstanding copy! She has helped me create catchy headlines, website copy that really makes my audience believe I am speaking directly to them, and Facebook ads that are unlike anything else I've seen on the internet!

Before working with Taylor, I built a Nutrition Business from scratch that brought me home from my 8-6 corporate job. 90% of my income from my Nutrition business comes from client-based referrals. But after a year and a half building a nutrition business, I was ready to expand my services to include business coaching so I could help other health and fitness professionals build their dream businesses. I already had a business coach, but I decided to hire Taylor anyway because I knew she would bring something completely different to the table for me, my family, and my business. Taylor has been extremely responsive to every one of my requests, she is incredible with copy-editing and brainstorming ideas that work for ME and MY business.

Almost immediately after hiring Taylor I saw huge growth within my business coaching business; I was able to hit a $12k sales month the month after hiring her! Taylor will tell it to you like it is, she won't beat around the bush. Taylor knows what needs to be done in order to succeed. She will share her expertise with you, but you need to get out there and make it happen for yourself! You need to be confident in your programs, your sales strategy, and you need to set intentions every single month and then just go after them with a positive attitude and you will succeed! Taylor will help you push through any doubt and fear. She will help you come out on top!"

- Jenna Carelli, Nutritionist and Business Coach